Techsonic Product Approval Services Limited (TPAS) in Hong Kong is the first independent laboratory accrediated by UL, ETL and CSA to perform consumer product testing and quality control at the manufacturing site. Test result generated by TPAS are recognized by UL, ITS and CSA. Our testing laboratory is located in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong where most international firms benefits from the worlds single largest concentration on business expertise on entry into China. TPAS knows the key knowledge on getting safety certification and help new entrants master a steep learning curve.



Hong Kong is strategically located on the southeast coast of the mainland China, which with 1.3 billion people has increasingly become the world's factory and fastest growing market. TPAS Hong Kong has the competitive edge of being "on location". Samples and documentations can travel from mainland China to Hong Kong in only a single day. This location advantage can greatly reduce courrier charges, turnaround time and the possibility of damaging valuable samples during transporation.



Efficient communication

TPAS Hong Kong is an ideal quality assurance partner for the China market, not least due to traditional ties that are still held with the UK. Other plus factors are common law and that English is widely spoken and used commercially which reduces the risk factor of dealing directly with the Chinese mainland.On the otherhand, our Hong Kong engineers understand the chinese local culture for more years than people elsewhere.



World class telecommunication

Hong Kong is the Asia-Pacific communications centre for hundreds of overseas firms. Its telecommunications infrastructure is ideally suited to the tasks of global and regional coordination. By using TPAS On-Line Services, customer can retrive their test report through internet without any extra charges.




Leader in management service

Hong Kong ranks among the very best in the world in terms of management experience in international business. Business services are of a depth and breadth unmatched in the region, and roughly half of Hong Kong's workforce is in knowledge-intensive activities. TPAS has been certified to test electrical appliances to various categories.




World-Class Legal System to Maintain Integrity

Since 1974 the Hong Kong government had adopted a three-pronged approach of investigation, prevention and education to fight corruption. With the support of the Government and the community Hong Kong has now become one of the least corrupt places in the world. TPAS has a very strict policy which forbids and prohibits the solicitation, offering or acceptance of any gifts, gratuities or any form of "pay off" or facilication fee as an attempt to gain favor or accept merchandise or services from the factory and manufacturer.



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